There are an estimated 2.1 million Hispanics in Chicagoland; over the next five years, it is estimated that there will be large growth in Hispanic populations in the south and west suburbs. Hispanics in the US have a total spending power of more than $1.7 trillion, power which would make them the 16th largest economy in the world.

Key Motivations

  • Interpersonal Orientation: Some of the largest differences between Hispanics and non-Hispanics occur on questions related to family; Hispanic Americans are less likely than non-Hispanics to agree that children should leave their parents’ home when they complete their schooling.
  • Time and Space Perception: Hispanic Americans are less likely to believe that they need a calendar to organize themselves; in fact, being late for social occasions bothers Hispanic Americans much less than it does their non-Hispanic counterparts.
  • Spirituality: American Hispanics have a strong faith and believe that God plays an influential role in their lives, and are more likely to say that they rely on religion during times of trouble.

Media Habits

  • Tech-Savvy: Hispanics are more likely to browse the web from a mobile device; 19% of tablets in this country are in hands of Latinos.
  • Multi-Platform, Multi-Screen: As a population, American Hispanics over-index on mobile usage, are fans of all kinds of digital content and commonly multi-screen.
(Sources: U.S. Census Bureau Population Projections; Nielsen Claritas, 2015; AHAA; eMarketer.)