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Move Over Millennials: Generation Z Is Up-and-Coming

March 16, 2015

Much of the talk in 2015 about advertising audiences is centering around Millennials: the hip, tech-savvy, 18-to-34 year-old segment that seems to be altering the media landscape completely.  This buzz is well-deserved, as this generation is more centered on technology, non-traditional media, and a changed mentality than any other generation before.  But while this continues…

Local Media Spending Forecast: Healthcare

March 13, 2015

Changes in the American healthcare system are affected by significant regulatory, economic, technological and political factors.  In order to understand how these changes impact Chicagoland’s landscape, we examine three trends that will ultimately influence the way key players in the healthcare industry choose to reach consumers through advertising. Hospital Consolidation It is predicted that nearly…

Blue Sky Event: How to Find an Angel Investor

March 12, 2015

Calling all entrepreneurs. Join Peter Wilkins of Hyde Park Angels, Mark Achler of MATH Venture Partners and Shradha Agarwal of ContextMedia for an interactive panel discussion on how to build relationships with Chicago’s angel investors. An angel investor could be the answer to making an entrepreneur’s dream become reality. This event will cover pitch strategies…

Featured Testimonial: PK Bennett Jewelers

March 11, 2015

Rich Bennett, owner of PK Bennett Jewelers, discusses how Chicago Tribune Media Group helped his business achieve double-digit growth.

Featured Testimonial: Frankfort Historic Business Association

February 17, 2015

Rachel Gilmore, Marketing and PR Coordinator at the Frankfort Historic Business Association, talks about her experience working with Chicago Tribune Media Group.