Food Industry

Even with a growing emphasis on saving money via private label or store brands, almost a third of Chicagoland households spend over $150 a week in groceries. These multi-cultural grocery consumers are increasingly using technology, mainly their computers and smart phones, to find the best deals.

Chicagoland Grocery Shoppers

  • 53% are male
  • Nearly 70% are employed
  • Over 65% are age 35+

National Trends / Observations

  • Gen Y loyalists: Gen Y shoppers are the most likely generation to shift back to familiar national brands once the economy improves.
  • Shopping again…and again: With an expanding list of locations offering groceries, consumers are increasingly making two shopping trips per week.
  • Global tastes: From Latin to Mediterranean-inspired dishes, homes are getting comfortable with a multi-cultural ingredients & dinner options.

Base: 2,326,829 Adults A18+ who have spent $150+ on groceries in the past 7 days. Sources: Scarborough, Chicago R1, 2010; National Trends / Observations compiled by Tribune Media Group Market Strategy from various sources.

I have found our Tribune rep to be a delight to work with. No matter what time of day I send an email, she immediately responds so that I know she’s on top of things. She wants to know that things are working on our end as they should, so I keep her apprised of delivery times with the Local Values here in Michigan City. I find her very customer-oriented … and in this day and age, that’s as rare as it is refreshing. Kyle Johnson, Advertising Manager - Al's Supermarket
“I wanted to make your organization aware that we appreciate the great marketing and advertising you’ve done for Fresh County Market. Chicago Tribune/Local Values has proven to be a reliable delivery system of our weekly grocery circular and this is the key to the marketing/sales plans of Fresh County Market. In addition, the ability to target specific markets has helped to increase our sales around specific holidays, and our annual anniversary sales. We hope to continue to grow with Chicago Tribune Media Group when we add our new location in March. Thank you!” Mark Musleh, Owner/President - Fresh County Market
“We are so pleased with the results of our online campaigns on, and mobile. Our click through rate is consistently above average. The positive feedback we’ve received from our customers and the increase in online sales show that the campaigns are an effective tool.” Sarah Duff Zupancic, Marketing Manager - Eli's Cheesecake
“Miska’s Liquors has been a loyal Chicago Tribune advertiser the past forty years because of its ability to reach the greatest number of Chicagoland consumers. It also gives us credibility by being part of one of the country’s most reputable media outlets. We are pleased to continue our association.” Mitchell Sklare, President - Miska's Liquors
“I started advertising with the Tribune a few years ago in the Good Eating section and TribLocal and have seen great results during all the major holidays. My rep keeps me informed of new products and sections that will benefit my hometown grocery store. The creative department does a great job designing the ads.” Dick Devries Jr, Owner - Devries Grocery and Market
“Throughout the years the Chicago Tribune has been excellent vehicle in helping us reach our desired market. We are now targeting the Hispanic Market with Hoy Newspaper and are pleased with the results!” Adam Silverstein, General Manager - Cardinal Warehouse Wine & Liquors
“For the first time over the holidays, Village Market tried AdMail advertising with the Tribune. We were very pleased with the quick response it generated! We will make AdMails a part of our advertising mix in the future!” George Arvanitis, Owner - Village Market

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