Healthcare Industry

70% of Chicagoland adults have been to the hospital in the past three years. Yet consumers are now looking beyond traditional medications and visits, seeking holistic cures with more frequency for a variety of ailments.

Chicagoland Healthcare Consumers

  • Median age is 44
  • 44% have children in the household
  • Nearly 19% are Hispanic

National Trends / Observations

  • How do you spell f-l-u?: Consumers are utilizing online resources to look up health information.
  • Sick of doctors: Rather than heading to the doctor, patients are visiting retail clinics in pharmacy stores for minor ailments.

Base: 5,049,884 Adults A18+ who went to the hospital in the past 3 years. Sources: Scarborough, Chicago R1, 2010; National Trends / Observations compiled by Tribune Media Group Market Strategy from various sources.

The 435 Digital team worked with us to develop a complex and very functional website and Facebook pages. The continuing SEO and social media support helps us to get great website exposure while allowing me to spend my time seeing patients rather than managing a website.  435 Digital does so much that I could not do on my own and draws from a number of experts whose collective knowledge is extremely valuable to us. Stephen F. Daugherty, MD, FACS, RVT, RPhS Medical Director - VeinCare Centers of Tennessee
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