Home Industry

With the housing market slowdown, homeowners are looking to improve their homes instead of buying new ones. Their improvements range from minor (improving lighting, adding seating space) to major (“room lifts,” renovations). Homeowners are also going green. While they aren’t replacing everything at once, they are making environmentally friendly choices when things need to be updated.

Chicagoland Home Improvement Consumers

  • 46% are female
  • 76% own their home
  • $251,420 median market home value

National Trends / Observations

  • Just do it: The DIY (Do It Yourself) trend continues. Millennials in particular are avid DIYers – they feel they can do anything after watching a few YouTube tutorials.
  • You hold the door for me; I’ll fix it: Women are increasingly entering this once male-dominated category. Women influence 73% of home improvement purchases.

Base: 4,269,655 Adults A18+ who have made a variety of home improvements in the past year. Sources: Scarborough, Chicago R1, 2010; National Trends / Observations compiled by Tribune Media Group Market Strategy from various sources.

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