Restaurant Industry

Chicagoland is a city of diners, with 82% visiting a sit down restaurant in the past 30 days. In fact, restaurants are one of the early categories already showing signs of growth following the economic downturn.

Chicagoland Restaurant Diners

  • 51% are female
  • 66% are employed
  • 42% have children

National Trends / Observations

  • Dinner time is anytime: Diners are becoming less habitual, eating at non-traditional times and often on the fly.
  • Expanding tastes: Diners are seeking unique takes on familiar dishes; they want a novel experience.
  • First time savings: Encouraging repeat visits or first-time patrons with incentives is helping restaurants bring in a whole new batch of diners.

Base: 5,962,588 Adults A18+ who have visted a sit-down restaurant in the past month. Sources: Scarborough, Chicago R1, 2010; National Trends / Observations compiled by Tribune Media Group Market Strategy from various sources.

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“We sent out an Insert in the Tribune to their subscribers, and our return rate was about 7%. We were very pleased with the return and the service that we received.” David Falato, Owner - Jet's Pizza, Ashland Ave.
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