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Social Media: Best Practices for Businesses

April 10, 2015

Social media is the nexus of customer support, public relations, brand awareness, lead generation, and even product development. No company can afford to ignore or minimize a medium that touches all levels of the sales funnel and all stages of the customer lifecycle. Effective social strategies reduce churn, spark word of mouth, create demand, and…

Chamber of Commerce Community Guides

April 6, 2015

Be part of your local Chamber of Commerce Community Guide. Align your brand with relevant information for new and long-term residents on local businesses as well as community and chamber events, clubs and organizations, city services, ways to contact elected officials and more. This marketing opportunity provides year-long targeted exposure for your local business in…

Local Media Spending: Automotive

March 27, 2015

Automotive is the second-largest advertising category in the US at $45.5 billion, reported by Borrell Associates. This year, car sales have risen and auto advertising dollars are up 17% and for the first time, over half of the automotive ad budget will be spent on digital media. Here’s a look at how local automotive media spending…

Online Video Trends and Insights

March 20, 2015

Online video has many advantages in the digital world of advertising. With effective messaging, video offers format flexibility and greater targeting to reach and engage an audience. Video can focus on content and storytelling, or pure advertising and branding. Audience engagement metrics are vital for marketers to measure creative engagement and action unique to the…

Local Media Spending Forecast: Healthcare

March 13, 2015

Changes in the American healthcare system are affected by significant regulatory, economic, technological and political factors.  In order to understand how these changes impact Chicagoland’s landscape, we examine three trends that will ultimately influence the way key players in the healthcare industry choose to reach consumers through advertising. Hospital Consolidation It is predicted that nearly…