Miscellaneous News & Insights

Using Laughter to Inspire Innovation

May 11, 2015

The Second City’s Kelly Leonard and Tom Yorton joined Chicago Tribune at a Blue Sky Live event earlier this year on how improvisation can help businesses innovate and solve problems. Leonard and Yorton, authors of “Yes, And”, speak on the importance of cooperation, listening and laughter in the workplace to spur a culture of innovation.…

Chamber of Commerce Community Guides

April 6, 2015

Be part of your local Chamber of Commerce Community Guide. Align your brand with relevant information for new and long-term residents on local businesses as well as community and chamber events, clubs and organizations, city services, ways to contact elected officials and more. This marketing opportunity provides year-long targeted exposure for your local business in…

Infographic: Health Consumer’s Path to Purchase

March 25, 2015

Where are patients searching for information about health providers and quality care options? Check out our latest infographic following health consumer’s path to purchase. Click Here: Healthcare Path to Purchase Infographic    

Get Results with Chicago Tribune Media Group

March 16, 2015

Chicago Tribune Media Group can connect your business – large or small – with your ideal audience throughout Chicagoland. Your advantage? A comprehensive, local focus. Incomparable resources that deliver engaging content across all devices. A rich portfolio of services and partners that will meet your every need.                …

Move Over Millennials: Generation Z Is Up-and-Coming

March 16, 2015

Much of the talk in 2015 about advertising audiences is centering around Millennials: the hip, tech-savvy, 18-to-34 year-old segment that seems to be altering the media landscape completely.  This buzz is well-deserved, as this generation is more centered on technology, non-traditional media, and a changed mentality than any other generation before.  But while this continues…