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Shopping Made Personal: brand re-launch

January 18, 2013

Campaign Goals: Generate awareness and clicks to the re-imagined Chicago Shopping, a portal dedicated to national and local shopping deals, but which had failed to get significant traction with its prior site focus.

Primary target: Women, 25-54, city and suburban

Creative strategy: Promote more than a site, but a brand. Emphasize bargains while maintaining the feminine qualities of the site, as represented by colors, images, font choices, and tonality.
Kick-started with the creation of a new logo, Chicago Shopping was recreated from the website out, featuring messaging that highlighted more than price, but pushed personalization, brands, and advice to position Chicago Shopping as the shopping authority.

Channels Used: Television, print, online display, email, out-of-home, radio

Results: TBD


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Out of Home Example

Newspaper Examples

Chicago Shopping Newspaper ad example

Chicago Shopping Newspaper Ad
Chicago Shopping Newspaper Ad

Digital Examples

Rich Media Example

Rich Media example of Chicago Shopping online ad

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Static Leader Board for Chicago Shopping

Static Cube ad for Chicago Shopping

Static Tower Ad for Chicago Shopping