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RedEye But Better: RedEye for iPad launch

January 18, 2013

Campaign Goal(s):

To launch the iPad RedEye paid edition. Convey that RedEye is more than a digital edition of the paper, but includes a variety of media that leads to a unique user experience.

Primary Target:
Active, social Chicago iPad owners, ages 21-34

Creative Strategy:
Create a series of communication pieces across a variety of media featuring the like “RedEye but Better.”

Communication incorporated b/w photography married with a full cover app visual to demonstrate how it brings excitement and life to the run-of-the-mill morning commute, coffee house, or wherever RedEye for iPad is read.

Channels Used:
Television, print, online display, email, out-of-home, transit

15,000 downloads, nearly half of them from the first two months of the campaign.

About RedEye for iPad:
RedEye’s iPad app brings to life what readers have come to expect from RedEye–the latest news, sports, pop culture, and entertainment–and adds bonus articles, videos and photos, social media interactivity, and more.


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Television Examples

Newspaper Examples

Exampe lf RedEye iPad Campaign Newspaper ad

Example of RedEye Newsapaper Ad

Example of RedEye Newspaper Ad

Digital Examples

Rich Media

Rich Media Example for the RedEye ipad campaign

Take Over

Example of Site Take over

Animated Ads

Example of animated digital ad

Example of animated leaderboard ad

Example of digital tower ad

Ad Mail Example

Admail example for RedEye Ipad Campaign

Out of Home Examples


Example of RedEye ipad campaign on CTA platform

Example of RedEye ipad campaign on CTA platform

Example of RedEye ipad campaign on CTA platform


Example of RedEye iPad Campaign Billboard