Increase Engagement

Get More Attention with Better Email Subject Lines


People are bombarded with email every day from the time they get up and check smartphones and throughout the workday. How do you break through the noise and get your message read?

Thinking carefully about your email subject lines is your offensive move. Take a look at the top 5 ways you can ensure your email is opened.

Keep it Short

Brevity is key when writing email subject lines. As people scan, they need to absorb quickly . If your subject line is so long that it’s getting truncated by the width of the smartphone, it’s far less likely to be opened. According to Convince & Convert, 40% of emails are opened on mobile first, which can only fit about 4-7 words.

Don’t Be Too Sales-y

68% of emails are reported as SPAM based solely on the subject line. Rather than including overtly sales-driven directives like “Buy Now”, try offering a difference incentive to open like touting expertise, an exclusive video or a coupon just for subscribers. Keep this handy list of words that trigger email clients to mark emails as SPAM.

Make it Personal

Boost your open rate by 22% by making a subject line personal or by simply highlighting exclusive offers. The implication that the email is for the recipient makes a powerful impact on email open rates.

Be You-nique!

Get to know your audience and tell them what you can offer them that they cannot get anywhere else. Reinforce your brand, demonstrate confidence in your message and customers will respond.

Give a Directive

As mentioned earlier, directives to buy are often market as SPAM before it even reaches the inbox. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to give a really direct call to action. Tell customers to watch your video before they purchase, or download a coupon for an exclusive offer. This works especially well if the conversion KPI isn’t a purchase, but even if it is, there are many touch points along the purchase journey that influence buyers and endear your brand to them.

Share a List

Just as “listicles” are clicked more on search results and social media, so goes email. They appear useful and position the sender as an authority on a subject. Ending with a strong call to action supported by your list is an effective way to convert.

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