City of Chicago Geography

The “city of neighborhoods,” Chicago combines a vibrant urban experience with small neighborhood subsets, resulting in rich identities and close-knit communities. Over two million people live within Chicago’s borders, enjoying vast choices of arts, food and entertainment.

Market Quick Facts

  • 3rd largest city in the United States
  • McCormick Place is the largest convention center
  • Over 200 theaters and 200 art galleries

Sources: Scarborough Research, Chicago 2012 R2; Base: 2,081,037 Adults A18+ in City of Chicago; National Trends / Observations compiled by Tribune Media Group Market Strategy from various sources.

The Tribune is a partner of the Goodman and works with us in ways that exceed our expectations. We do look at numbers very closely every day and we know that the Tribune works for us. Lori Kleinerman, Marketing and PR Director – Goodman Theatre
“We always advertise in RedEye to get the word out about our free classes and programs for the community. We know that this is an effective way to reach a wide variety of people and demographics, reaching those who live in the city, as well as suburbanites who work in the city and grab a RedEye to read on the train. Our RedEye sales representative is wonderful to work with - she always gets us what we need in a timely manner.” Felicia Ross, Marketing Coordinator - Reform Jewish Chicago
“The Chicago Symphony Orchestra considers Chicago Tribune Media Group a great partner and collaborator. Our colleagues at Chicago Tribune Media Group are great to work with and they have helped us to develop new creative solutions that help us constantly improve and see better returns on our investment. Our collaborations continue to be successful and showcase our great partnership.” Liz Madeja, Director of Marketing - Chicago Symphony Orchestra
“As one who purchases display advertising for the Chicago Public Library, I am delighted to tell you that it is a pleasure working with Chicago Tribune Media Group. The professionalism and integrity of our sales representative are of the highest quality. The knowledge of product, attention to detail, and willingness to help resolve problems reveal a work ethic that is second to none. That makes my job a little less stressful. Thank you!” Leland Elder, Press Office/Marketing Manager - Chicago Public Library
“My experience working with Chicago Tribune Media Group has been a largely positive one. We’re a small business with a limited advertising budget, but our Tribune rep did a wonderful job maximizing our reach. We have experienced nearly double the business since we began working together and I expect that partnership to continue in the future.” Neil O'Callaghan, Producer - Thirsty Comedy
“Over the past two years we have successfully used EZ Targets, targeting the general market through RedEye, and the Hispanic Market with Hoy Newspaper. We love the fact that we can geo target by zip code and reach our desired market.” Valerie Mirea, Media Buyer - Varicose Vein Solutions
“Our digital billboards have helped to showcase our products and services while keeping our store top of mind with hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans on a weekly basis.” Billy Abt - Abt
“We sent out an Insert in the Tribune to their subscribers, and our return rate was about 7%. We were very pleased with the return and the service that we received.” David Falato, Owner - Jet's Pizza, Ashland Ave.
“I scheduled an E-mail with my rep to target our top markets for a winter promotion. We sent out 150,000 targeted E-mails and within 4 days we had over 85 room reservations.” Marc Anderson, Marketing Director - Peninsula Hotel
“We have seen a great response from our billboards, and feel that they are working. The locations that were available to us were perfect for our needs, and we have decided to renew our contract.” Amanda Garretto, Marketing Manager - Beggar's Pizza
“Miska’s Liquors has been a loyal Chicago Tribune advertiser the past forty years because of its ability to reach the greatest number of Chicagoland consumers. It also gives us credibility by being part of one of the country’s most reputable media outlets. We are pleased to continue our association.” Mitchell Sklare, President - Miska's Liquors
“I have worked with Chicago Tribune Media Group and found the reps to be informed, helpful and professional. I have always had a great experience with Chicago Tribune Media Group.” Kathy O'Neill, Public Relations Manager - Irish American Heritage Center
“It’s interesting how we have seen a spike the day of a RedEye ad, but especially the day after the ad comes out. I was thinking maybe this is because people grab the RedEye and read it on their way home, see the ad and then come in the next day. But either way, there seems to be results.” Jamie Revell, Director of Marketing - Women's Workout & Fitness
“RedEye has helped us generate strong sales during the Halloween season. We have a strong redemption rate for the coupons placed in our ads.” George Garcia, Owner - Fantasy Costumes
“The Chicago Tribune continues to be our most cost effective lead source and reaches our strongest demographic.” Jeff Sassano, President - Shelf Genie Chicago
“Over the years, we have advertised our rug business in the Chicago Tribune and it has produced favorable results for us, in fact we cannot advertise every week because we wouldn’t be able to keep up with the new client orders!” George Apelian, Owner - Apelian Rugs
“Throughout the years the Chicago Tribune has been excellent vehicle in helping us reach our desired market. We are now targeting the Hispanic Market with Hoy Newspaper and are pleased with the results!” Adam Silverstein, General Manager - Cardinal Warehouse Wine & Liquors
“The Tribune and Chicago Tribune Media Group are excellent partners for Goodman Theatre. In addition to providing some of the most impactful advertising mediums in Chicagoland, they have become a valuable media sponsor, providing additional support for the work we do on our stages.” Jay Corsi, Director of Advertising & Sales - Goodman Theatre
“As part of our Charitable Foundation, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is proud to partner with the Ronald McDonald House. We are especially thrilled to see all of the excitement and fun that the guests have at the downtown location when they use the Photo Kiosk to share and send photos to friends and loved ones. The Kiosk has brought many smiles to those who need them, and we couldn’t be happier with how that helps our community.” Chris Haran, Director of Strategic Planning and Initiatives - Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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