Full Market Geography

Chicagoland is home to almost ten million people, multi-cultural, urban and suburban. It is an area rich with racial and religious diversity, consumers of many ages and tastes. Technologically savvy, Chicagoans shop online, love to text and are attached to their cell phones.

Market Quick Facts

  • DMA of 9.7 million people is slightly larger than the country of Sweden
  • Home to 65 international and 149 U.S. business centers
  • 3rd largest DMA market by African American population
  • 5th largest market by  both Asian American and Hispanic populations

Sources: Scarborough Research, Chicago 2012 R2, Base: 7,239,326 Adults A18+ in the Chicagoland DMA; National Trends / Observations compiled by Tribune Media Group Market Strategy from various sources. 

The Tribune is a partner of the Goodman and works with us in ways that exceed our expectations. We do look at numbers very closely every day and we know that the Tribune works for us. Lori Kleinerman, Marketing and PR Director – Goodman Theatre
“Cars.com is one of the largest online players in the auto industry and the best place to reach the car-buying audience and drive traffic to our store. We couldn't be happier with the customer service and results we receive from the Trib.” Don Davis, General Manager - Valley Honda
“The Chicago Symphony Orchestra considers Chicago Tribune Media Group a great partner and collaborator. Our colleagues at Chicago Tribune Media Group are great to work with and they have helped us to develop new creative solutions that help us constantly improve and see better returns on our investment. Our collaborations continue to be successful and showcase our great partnership.” Liz Madeja, Director of Marketing - Chicago Symphony Orchestra
“Our digital billboards have helped to showcase our products and services while keeping our store top of mind with hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans on a weekly basis.” Billy Abt - Abt
“With a number of locations across the Chicagoland area, targeting these communities while being cost effective is essential. The EZ Target Insert allows us to reach communities of specific zip codes within the Chicago Tribune. RedEye is also a great way for us to reach our urban centers in a single publication, and has showed a great return on the texting campaign we piloted this past January.” Jack Goodall, Marketing Manager - YMCA
“The Tribune and Chicago Tribune Media Group are excellent partners for Goodman Theatre. In addition to providing some of the most impactful advertising mediums in Chicagoland, they have become a valuable media sponsor, providing additional support for the work we do on our stages.” Jay Corsi, Director of Advertising & Sales - Goodman Theatre
“I have only been advertising with the Tribune for a few months but in that time I feel my brand awareness has grown immensely. My account rep is always keeping me updated on how my ads are doing. I feel the Tribune does a great job for keeping my business exposed to the Chicago market.” Matt Laricy, Managing Broker/Partner - Americorp Real Estate
“The Kagan Family has considered the Chicago Tribune a major part of our marketing program for over 35 years, first with Smart Jewelers and now with our new company. We feel very fortunate to have a sales rep that does an amazing job with wonderful follow through. Not to mention, she has some very tough shoes to follow as we have always had such a great staff that has taken care of us. With the variety of products and their far reaching impact, it is certainly a great place for us to spend our precious and limited dollars to advertise.” Jordan Kagan, Owner - Kagan & Company, Northbrook
“Rick Levin & Associates, Inc. has been advertising in the Tribune for well over 20 years. We advertise all kinds of auctions including real estate and personal property. We have found that the Tribune is a great way to reach our marketplace and our sales representative is always ready to assist us in our marketing endeavors.” Rick Levin, Owner - Rick Levin & Associates, Inc.
“We have been advertisers in the Tribune for many years and we see favorable results as we track our ROI. It is especially helpful that our sales representative continues to make us aware of new products and opportunities. The Tribune is the best way to reach the greater Chicagoland market.” Jean Gaines, President - Geneva Chamber of Commerce

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