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What’s Your Influencer Marketing Strategy?


84% of marketers report that they will increase their spending in influencer marketing over the next 12 months. Do you fall into that category? Do you have a plan?

Influencer Marketing is definitely an evolving trend and there are many best practices, ethical guidelines and tactics that need refining. But this shouldn’t stop anyone from moving forward. Here are some great planning techniques to get your influencer marketing campaigns working for you.

Deep Dive into Your Target Audience

Think beyond demographics to target your audience. The reason influencers are influencers is because they resonate with people at a deeper level than their age, gender or geography. Start to think of your brand and what interests or passions might align. Use those psychographics to define your target audience.

Identify the Right Influencers

Once you have set your audience, research the influencers that dominate that sphere. Take note and do your research. 70% of You Tube teenagers trust an influencer over a celebrity. Think of your influencer as part of the inner circle of your audience, someone they turn to for advice and validation even though they have never met. You can also rely on help with identifying influencers from trusted partners. tronc’s internal content agency, has a team of experts to get just the right person.

Take a Beat and Monitor

Once you identify one or two possible influencers, monitor them for a while. Keep an eye out for potential opportunities and decide if they truly align with your brand’s objectives and voice. And don’t forget to look at how their audience interacts with them. Read comments on Instagram posts and You Tube videos. Read tweet mentions and Facebook comments. Develop a profile for the influencer that includes some notes about their audience behavior. It’s just as important to understand the community as it is to understand the influencer.

Take the Long Term View

Building a relationship with an influencer, particularly if they are not a celebrity, can take some time. Follow all of their social channels, share their content and start building the trust that can carry over to a business relationship.

Create Experiences Influencers Can Share

It’s not enough to just have an influencer post a picture of your product on Instagram. Video content is essential to an influencer campaign and the experience needs to be compelling enough to watch. Chances are, the influencer will inject a bit of their own personality and style into the content, which is great because it’s the reason they have become so influential.

Establish Your KPIs

This is essential for any advertising campaign of course, but it can be especially tricky with influencer campaigns. You’re reaching a niche audience so it may not pull as many clicks as a broad-reach digital campaign. So you have to determine the reach and establish goals before the campaign and measure against them. Some things to consider: Where in the funnel are the content creator’s followers? What social outlets is he/she using? Do I have content optimized for all of them?

Grow Distribution Channels

How do you use this great content outside of the influencers circle? Identifying more channels to distribute this content can expose more people to the influencer based on advanced psychographic targeting and thereby, your brand.

Working with a media partner that can coordinate this omni-channel campaign is essential for efficiency and expertise. Get in touch with us and let’s start on an exciting project to elevate your brand.