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“I think having a consistent presence is an absolute must. You need to have so many commercials, so many ads to have an effective campaign – so we believe in having a presence all the time. If it’s not every week, it’s frequently.” Bill Horowitz, President - Marketing Partnerships International
“We’ve been advertising with the Tribune for a long time. We advertise in the TribLocal and it has allowed us to experience double-digit growth every year - and that the Tribune has been a big part of that. It’s the only advertising that we have been consistent with throughout the entire time. We’ve changed other things around, tried other options, but the Tribune is the only media we’ve had the entire time.” Rich Bennett, Owner - PK Bennett Jewelers
“A lot of people tell us they didn't realize we were here until they saw our ad. The Chicago Tribune helps get our name out there as a business and they create brand awareness for us.” Brian Nolen II, Owner - Battery Giant
“Working with the Tribune and working with the creative part of the agency really help tie everything together. They come up with new ideas, new ways to advertise, new landing pages we can create to get more information so we can follow-up with our consumers and we can deliver a product that is more consistent every time.” Steve Camp, General Manager - Infiniti of Naperville
“For us to pair Chicago Tribune print advertising with online we just feel that really maximizes things for us. The print ads will reach one section of our potential guest demographic - but to pair that with an online presence, where the artwork mimics our print ad, where it clicks through directly to our website - it gives people more information about our events and upcoming schedule.” Rachel Gilmore, Marketing & PR Coordinator - Frankfort Historic Business Association