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Direct mail advertising spending is on the rise nationally because it gets proven, measurable results. No matter what demographic you’re targeting, Chicago Tribune Media Group can create an impactful, custom direct mail plan for your business, at both the local and national level.

Mail Advertising Benefits:

  • Advanced targeting
  • Compliments traditional media
  • Trackable

Source: WG Analysis, 2011

Chicago Tribune’s print and insert program allows Midas the flexibility to target tight geographies with a flexible product mix that includes Chicago Tribune subscribers and non-subscribers, RedEye and Fin de Semana. Cary Dice, Account Director - Moroch
“I wanted to make your organization aware that we appreciate the great marketing and advertising you’ve done for Fresh County Market. Chicago Tribune/Local Values has proven to be a reliable delivery system of our weekly grocery circular and this is the key to the marketing/sales plans of Fresh County Market. In addition, the ability to target specific markets has helped to increase our sales around specific holidays, and our annual anniversary sales. We hope to continue to grow with Chicago Tribune Media Group when we add our new location in March. Thank you!” Mark Musleh, Owner/President - Fresh County Market
“I wanted to make Chicago Tribune Media Group aware that Bruno Enterprises is thankful and encouraged by the great marketing and print advertising work you have done for us. The ability to target specific markets with a cost-effective single sheet like your EZ Target has increased sales and informed our customers of our constant changing of featured Arby’s food items in a timely fashion. Your continued help in creating and revising our creative has also added to the value we place in our continued relationship with you. Thanks again for providing needed marketing assistance.” Leslie Dean, Marketing Manager - Bruno Enterprises
“With a number of locations across the Chicagoland area, targeting these communities while being cost effective is essential. The EZ Target Insert allows us to reach communities of specific zip codes within the Chicago Tribune. RedEye is also a great way for us to reach our urban centers in a single publication, and has showed a great return on the texting campaign we piloted this past January.” Jack Goodall, Marketing Manager - YMCA
“Washington Federal Bank is a community bank with two Locations in Chicago. The EZ Target works great for our bank because we can customize the areas to target, which makes it very cost effective for us.” James R. Crotty, Vice President - Washington Federal Bank

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Extend your reach to valuable audience segments with our Shared-Mail Solutions.

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Tribune Direct delivers efficient direct mail solutions and trackability at both a local and national scale.

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