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Reach & engage Chicago's Hispanic community.

  • Chicagoland's Hispanic marketplace continues to grow
  • Multi-platform approach engages Spanish-speaking consumers
  • Hoy provides local Hispanic communities with culturally relevant information
The Tribune is a partner of the Goodman and works with us in ways that exceed our expectations. We do look at numbers very closely every day and we know that the Tribune works for us. Lori Kleinerman, Marketing and PR Director – Goodman Theatre
“We continue to advertise in Hoy because it is a key publication to reach the Hispanic market effectively.” Margarita Garcia, Owner - Hernandez & Garcia
“Over the past two years we have successfully used EZ Targets, targeting the general market through RedEye, and the Hispanic Market with Hoy Newspaper. We love the fact that we can geo target by zip code and reach our desired market.” Valerie Mirea, Media Buyer - Varicose Vein Solutions
“Throughout the years the Chicago Tribune has been excellent vehicle in helping us reach our desired market. We are now targeting the Hispanic Market with Hoy Newspaper and are pleased with the results!” Adam Silverstein, General Manager - Cardinal Warehouse Wine & Liquors
“Chicago Tribune’s print and insert program allows Midas the flexibility to target tight geographies with a flexible product mix that includes Chicago Tribune subscribers and non-subscribers, RedEye and Fin de Semana.” Cary Dice, Account Director - Moroch
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Hoy & Hoy Fin de Semana

Hoy is a free Spanish-language newspaper with an engaging and energetic format distributed in areas of Chicago and neighboring suburbs with a dense Hispanic population.

  • Largest circulating Spanish-language daily newspaper in Chicago with 70,000 copies daily Monday-Thursday and 100,000 copies on Fridays
  • Distributed at more than 2,000 single copy racks and retail locations
  • Audited by AAM (Alliance for Audited Media)

Hoy’s free weekend publication, Hoy Fin de Semana, provides entertaining and relevant content focused on what Hispanics are interested in on the weekends, including: shopping & fashion, celebrity profiles, home improvement tips and family activities.

  • 389,000 copies over the weekend
  • Delivered to Hispanic home addresses
  • ROP Zoning available in 4 Zones
  • Audited by AAM (Alliance for Audited Media)
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VIVELOHOY.COM & Digital Services

Vivelohoy.com is a website designed to connect with discerning and culturally conscious Hispanics. The site offers relevant news and information in Spanish and English. Additionally, Vivelohoy.com is fully responsive, accessible via web, mobile and tablet.

With custom videos to content marketing, Hoy is creating more unique video for users, and for advertisers than ever before. Hoy has the capacity to manage video production and distribution to a variety of platforms to reach viewers at home or on the go.

Hoy can manage your e-mail marketing campaign, delivering a one-stop shop for multi-channel targeted marketing. Send a stand alone e-mail targeted to Hispanic households based on a demographic, geographic and behavioral selects.

Hoy has the digital resources and services to help Small Business owners compete in today’s business environment by attracting a new audience, improving their organic search results, web promotion and overall digital footprint.

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Hoy Outdoor


  • Over 2,200 static and digital bulletins throughout Chicagoland and NW Indiana on both highways and surface streets

Elevate Digital

  • An interactive outdoor platform using the generation of mobile outreach technology. The interactive touch screen digital displays are located in key Hispanic areas.

Taxi Tops

  • Provide the best of transit and billboards, offering both mobility and impact throughout the city.


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Events & Promotions

Hoy Events are a great opportunity to reach and interact with the Hispanic market through various marketing efforts. Hoy and its partners are leading special event organizers with an expertise in Hispanic marketing, sponsorship sales and on-site festival management.

Sponsor a signature Hoy event and receive maximum exposure through event promotions.

  • Fiesta Familiar (for families and children)
  • Generaciones de Hoy (for seniors and caregivers)
  • Celebra Mujer (for women of all ages)
  • Dia de los Muertos (for Millennials)

Let Hoy customize and create an event to influence and entertain your target audience. Hoy Custom Events is a turn-key solution for your business. Custom Events Examples:

  • Grand Openings
  • Seasonal Event (i.e. Hispanic Heritage Day, etc)
  • Anniversary Sale
  • Consumer Appreciation Day