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Out of Home

Billboards: Over 2,200 static and digital bulletins througout Chicagoland on both highways and surface streets.

City Digital Network: One-of-a-kind digital network targets downtown areas and city neighborhoods.(12 locations)

McHenry County AdLites: A unique opportunity to reach consumers in the growing suburbs of McHenry County, IL. (30 locations / 60 total faces)

Tribune Trucks: A distinctive way to spread your message throughout Chicagoland, reaching consumers on the exterior of Chicago Tribune’s trucks.

Elevate Digital: An interactive outdoor platform using the generation of mobile outreach technology. (60 units in 10 locations and growing)

Taxi Tops: Provide the best of transit and billboards, offering both mobility and impact throughout the city.

Hotel Communications Network: Touch screens inside Michigan Avenue hotel rooms reach tourists and conventioneer markets. (Over 2,600 screens in 3 locations)