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Drive ROI across offline and online channels; desired by consumers and proven effective through data-driven analytics.

  • Flexible – Our network allows clients to customize a campaign for each event or promotion; with virtually unlimited options.
  • Experienced – We are ready to serve our clients’ needs with a team of seasoned industry professionals.
  • Results – Comprehensive data analysis is the foundation of our network. Our recommendations are based on measureable results.
Washington Federal Bank is a community bank with two Locations in Chicago. The EZ Target works great for our bank because we can customize the areas to target, which makes it very cost effective for us. James R. Crotty, Vice President - Washington Federal Bank
“Over the past two years we have successfully used EZ Targets, targeting the general market through RedEye, and the Hispanic Market with Hoy Newspaper. We love the fact that we can geo target by zip code and reach our desired market.” Valerie Mirea, Media Buyer - Varicose Vein Solutions
“We decided to use the EZ Target during our most recent lease-up in the northern suburbs of Chicago. The insert program was a terrific substitute for direct mail, which can be expensive and produce little response. Our rep for Tribune/ advised us on an effective geographical area and discussed a design concept for the inserts. After agreeing on a date for placement, we had a draft design back within a week and were able to finalize art quickly. For about one-third the price of a direct mail campaign, we distributed about 28,000 inserts and ordered an overrun of about 1,000 to give away at the property and at community events. The inserts continue to “come back to us…” – people had saved them and they were an effective way to generate awareness in the apartment community.” Steve Matre, Director - Banner
“With a number of locations across the Chicagoland area, targeting these communities while being cost effective is essential. The EZ Target Insert allows us to reach communities of specific zip codes within the Chicago Tribune. RedEye is also a great way for us to reach our urban centers in a single publication, and has showed a great return on the texting campaign we piloted this past January.” Jack Goodall, Marketing Manager - YMCA
“We love our Tribune Ad inserts. When every customer comes in the store with the ad in their hands, the store hums with business. It’s a complete success and a great tool for growth.” Desiree Woerner, Owner - Creative Toy Mart
“We sent out an Insert in the Tribune to their subscribers, and our return rate was about 7%. We were very pleased with the return and the service that we received.” David Falato, Owner - Jet's Pizza, Ashland Ave.
“I wanted to make Chicago Tribune Media Group aware that Bruno Enterprises is thankful and encouraged by the great marketing and print advertising work you have done for us. The ability to target specific markets with a cost-effective single sheet like your EZ Target has increased sales and informed our customers of our constant changing of featured Arby’s food items in a timely fashion. Your continued help in creating and revising our creative has also added to the value we place in our continued relationship with you. Thanks again for providing needed marketing assistance.” Leslie Dean, Marketing Manager - Bruno Enterprises
“I wanted to make your organization aware that we appreciate the great marketing and advertising you’ve done for Fresh County Market. Chicago Tribune/Local Values has proven to be a reliable delivery system of our weekly grocery circular and this is the key to the marketing/sales plans of Fresh County Market. In addition, the ability to target specific markets has helped to increase our sales around specific holidays, and our annual anniversary sales. We hope to continue to grow with Chicago Tribune Media Group when we add our new location in March. Thank you!” Mark Musleh, Owner/President - Fresh County Market
“Over the years, Chicago Tribune has always played an important part in DeSitter Flooring’s overall marketing/advertising strategy. Between our own monthly print and inserts in the Sunday Tribune, or our local full-page displays in TribLocal, we believe the consistent strategy has paid off for us. We’re proud to have the Chicago Tribune as one of our marketing partners.” Tom Cunninham and Steve DeSitter, Co-Owners - DeSitter Flooring, Inc
“The Chicago Tribune works best out of all the advertising I do. EZ Target inserts are great quality pieces, delivered straight to the homes in every zip code I want to reach. My sales rep is always in touch and she makes the order, creative and billing process very “EZ” for me. I don’t get that level of service from any other advertising company.” Angel Perez, Owner - Perez Used Hotel Furniture
“I have found our Tribune rep to be a delight to work with. No matter what time of day I send an email, she immediately responds so that I know she’s on top of things. She wants to know that things are working on our end as they should, so I keep her apprised of delivery times with the Local Values here in Michigan City. I find her very customer-oriented … and in this day and age, that’s as rare as it is refreshing.” Kyle Johnson, Advertising Manager - Al's Supermarket
“Chicago Tribune’s print and insert program allows Midas the flexibility to target tight geographies with a flexible product mix that includes Chicago Tribune subscribers and non-subscribers, RedEye and Fin de Semana.” Cary Dice, Account Director - Moroch
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Paid, Targeted and Opt-In Distribution


Of all preprint users, newspaper readers are the most affluent and educated.  They also are heavily suburban.  This is a loyal audience, connected to newspaper content.  Reach this desirable audience through a network of publications featuring relevant content.

  • Chicago Tribune (paid): 677,348  Sunday; 413,656 midweek
  • Daily Hoy (Hispanic mid-week): 99,507
  • Fin de Semana (Hispanic weekend): 323,091
  • RedEye (city/commuter): 199,872
  • The Mash (teen): 57,181

Opt-in consumers are heavy users of inserts when shopping in-store.  They typically have larger families, and rely on the value that inserts provide.  They have demonstrated interest in receiving advertising with minimal or no content, which suits their busy lives.

Sunday Select (Inside Shopper) is delivered every Sunday by the Chicago Tribune to non-subscribers in specially-selected areas where these engaged shoppers reside.  It reaches 218,000 households in 200 zip codes across Chicagoland.


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Total Market Coverage (TMC)


Full market saturation is available with Midweek Inside Shopper, the Total Market Coverage (TMC) brand from Chicago Tribune Media Group.  Delivered via the USPS and our private carrier delivery force, it is an effective way to reach beyond the distribution of traditional newspaper coverage.

Midweek Inside Shopper is distributed on Tuesday and Wednesday to 2.7 million households each week, making it the #1 midweek TMC program in the Chicagoland market.