The Mash

CONTACT Annie Ryan, Business Development Manager

A one-of-a-kind brand that connects with Chicagoland teens.

  • Chicagoland's only vehicle specifically for teenagers
  • Student-generated content keeps readers engaged
  • Reaches Chicagoland teens in both the city and suburbs
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The Mash

With all content generated by student staffers, The Mash is a publication written for teens and by teens, covering the information they care about most. Each week throughout the school year, 65,000 copies are distributed to over 215 high schools in the city and suburbs.



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Teens live online. engages them by taking content featured in the Mash printed edition and giving it new life digitally. Teens have the opportunity to rate their favorite stories, upload photos and more. is a great opportunity for brands to get in front of this highly engaged audience.

  • 7,100 Facebook Fans interact daily with contests, photos and story posts
  • 50,000+ unique votes received for 2012 Prom promotion through texting and
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The Mash Events & Promotions


The Mash street team goes to schools and events, offering advertisers promotional and event opportunities throughout the school year (Prom, Homecoming, March Mashness).