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Chicago's go-to resource for direct marketing solutions.

Since 1991, Tribune Direct has been delivering direct marketing solutions for local, regional and national clients. In addition to a variety of direct marketing solutions across print and digital channels, Tribune Direct is also a certified list broker and can help your business pinpoint the exact audiences to reach from a database of over 200 million prospects across the United States. For more information on Tribune Direct, please visit:      
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Direct Mail Solutions

Successful direct mail demands the perfect combination of a well-planned strategy, accurate targeting with clean mailing lists, a strong marketing offer and format, and flawless execution.  Tribune Direct has the experience and resources needed to implement direct mail programs that meet your marketing objectives.

Digital Variable Print:
Send one-to-one personalized direct mail to your customers and prospects.  We have the most advanced variable digital printing technology available today.  Whether your campaign is short-run or long-run we have the capability to produce any size personalized campaign.

Tribune Direct has a variety of capabilities in our lettershop facilities that range from long-run to short-run equipment to fulfill all of your direct mail needs.  High-quality wide format inkjetting, high-speed continuous cut sheet laser, gift card and coupon card affixing, inserting equipment with match technology and a full-scale warehouse for complex programs.

National Production
We are headquartered in Chicago, with an additional 6 facilities in Los Angeles, Allentown, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Hartford and Fort Worth.  Because of the high volume of mail we process, US Postal Service employees clear the mail for delivery on-site at our location, saving valuable hours in the delivery process.  If you are looking for speed to market with your direct mail, you have found the right partner.

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Email / Online Solutions

Studies show that strategically-timed emails can increase response rates up to 30% over direct mail alone. Tribune Direct amplifies direct mail messages with multiple marketing channel options. Their team will help craft a multi-channel strategy with consistent creative and relevant messaging that can significantly improve the return on marketing investments.

  • Email: Tribune Direct manages e-mail marketing campaigns, delivering a one-stop shop for multi-channel targeted marketing
  • Personalized URLs: This customizable approach links the impact power of direct mail with the interactive capabilities of the Internet


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Mobile Solutions

Tribune Direct can help you build an opt-in mobile database that is tied to your current customer information.  It’s fine to have a mobile database, but value does it hold without knowing who those numbers actually belong to in your customer list?  Are they current customers?  Do they live close to your store?  Tribune Direct can tell you.  Using cutting-edge mobile technology, we personalize the individual SMS/MMS message to each recipient for a more relevant mobile experience.  Our solution is cross-platform, so it will work seamlessly on all major providers and operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry).

Opportunities Include:

  • Mobile coupons personalized to the individual.
  • SMS reminders and trigger-based programs.
  • MMS messages to deliver highly-personal video / audio messages to the recipient.
  • Mobile data matched to the individual address.