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Advertising in Chicago Tribune has created an entire new group of customers for our 25 year old custom framing business. The interest generated by these ads always exceed our expectations and TribLocal is a great tool for us in a highly competitive market. Craig Sayers, President - Posterworks, Inc.
“Tribune has lots of opportunities for its advertisers to reach consumers. We feel very lucky to have our current sales representative for Chicago Tribune. She always keeps us aware about all upcoming opportunities and works to get us as much exposure as possible and best possible deals.” Nataliya Luneva, Marketing Manager - USA Vein Clinics
“Since 1978 I have used the Chicago Tribune as my main connection to get my type of customers in my stores. I have always felt the Trib brings me buyers, not lookers. Even in today’s electronic world I must have ads in the Chicago Tribune!” Gary O'Reilly, Owner - O'Reilly's Furniture
“We have been advertising with the Chicago Tribune for over 15 years. Thanks to our sales representative we are informed of new advertising opportunities that would work for us. We have found the Chicago Tribune is the best way to communicate to our customers.” David Sugg, Manager - Shirise
“It can be challenging finding the right advertising tools, but we find that advertising with Chicago Tribune Media Group is not only the best way to reach our customers but also to find new potential customers as well. Our sales representative always presents us with the most current and cost effective methods to plan our advertising budget year after year.” Chris Larson, President - Thybony Paint, Wallpaper and Home Interiors
“White Rabbit used the Tribune to spread the word about garage organizers for many years. Because of the success of our advertising programs, the Tribune continues to be an integral part of our marketing program. It has been a pleasure to work with our Tribune representatives throughout the years. Most notably, our sales representative consistently gives us extraordinary customer service. Regardless of the time of weekday or weekend my e-mails get a response within the hour. Very impressive on every level!” Sally Schulman, Vice President, Sales - White Rabbit Garage Organizers
“We have been advertising with Chicago Tribune Company for more than 50 years. Just as the retail model has changed, so has media. We both adapt to ever changing markets and accept that uncertainty is the only certainty. We both pledge that our word is our bond and our brand is our legacy. It is the partnerships we forge that give us the courage to move forward.” Michael Keblusek, Manager - Dehne Lawn & Leisure, Northbrook
“The whole process was very easy and the exposure the TribLocal wrap got us was fantastic. We will definitely advertise with TribLocal again!” Amy Mokris, Marketing Account Manager - Camping World RV Sales
“We have nothing but good things to say about our experience with the Chicago Tribune. Our account executive is always very helpful and quick to respond to questions. He helps us find advertising solutions that stretch our dollars even when budgets are tight. Our display ads in conjunction with the press releases that we publish through the Tribune have brought us great results!” Ember Ferrantino, Marketing Manager - Wilcox Development
“Rick Levin & Associates, Inc. has been advertising in the Tribune for well over 20 years. We advertise all kinds of auctions including real estate and personal property. We have found that the Tribune is a great way to reach our marketplace and our sales representative is always ready to assist us in our marketing endeavors.” Rick Levin, Owner - Rick Levin & Associates, Inc.
“The Kagan Family has considered the Chicago Tribune a major part of our marketing program for over 35 years, first with Smart Jewelers and now with our new company. We feel very fortunate to have a sales rep that does an amazing job with wonderful follow through. Not to mention, she has some very tough shoes to follow as we have always had such a great staff that has taken care of us. With the variety of products and their far reaching impact, it is certainly a great place for us to spend our precious and limited dollars to advertise.” Jordan Kagan, Owner - Kagan & Company, Northbrook
“For the first time over the holidays, Village Market tried AdMail advertising with the Tribune. We were very pleased with the quick response it generated! We will make AdMails a part of our advertising mix in the future!” George Arvanitis, Owner - Village Market
“We decided to use the EZ Target during our most recent lease-up in the northern suburbs of Chicago. The insert program was a terrific substitute for direct mail, which can be expensive and produce little response. Our rep for Tribune/Apartments.com advised us on an effective geographical area and discussed a design concept for the inserts. After agreeing on a date for placement, we had a draft design back within a week and were able to finalize art quickly. For about one-third the price of a direct mail campaign, we distributed about 28,000 inserts and ordered an overrun of about 1,000 to give away at the property and at community events. The inserts continue to “come back to us…” – people had saved them and they were an effective way to generate awareness in the apartment community.” Steve Matre, Director - Banner
“I have only been advertising with the Tribune for a few months but in that time I feel my brand awareness has grown immensely. My account rep is always keeping me updated on how my ads are doing. I feel the Tribune does a great job for keeping my business exposed to the Chicago market.” Matt Laricy, Managing Broker/Partner - Americorp Real Estate
“PK Bennett Jewelers has been advertising in the Chicago Tribune for over 8 years now. We have been a staple and have found great success in the local guide section. Being somewhat new to the marketing world I found it extremely helpful and educational when my Account Executive comes out personally and works on our account. Several times she has even brought out experts from other fields of advertising such as Digital and Social Media to open new avenues for my marketing dollar. With new brands and opportunities coming, we are looking forward to the 2013 retail season.” Richard Bennett, Co/Owner - PK Bennett Jewelers
“We’ve advertised in the Tribune for over 30 years, and continue to do so. Even in the digital age, we continue to see good activity when we run in the Trib. Our sales rep is right on top of everything, and is always professional and accommodating.” Jeff Benach, Co-Principal - Lexington Homes
“The Tribune remains a big part of our media mix. We feel the exposure in print and online are hard to beat in this market. Our long standing relationship with the Tribune is due to unmatched service, support and results. We love our sales rep!” Tammy McEwen, Business Development Marketing Manager - Jameson Realty
“We rely on advertising in our retail business and recommend the Tribune. For the past 9 years I’ve used the Chicago Tribune and have had much success. They are great to work with and give me individual attention on the promotions and how best to advertise to our client base. I’d recommend the Chicago Tribune and will continue to use them as a key part of our marketing program.” Teresa Kara, Owner - Chew On This Dog Bakery
“We have been advertising with the Chicago Tribune for almost a year now and are very happy with the responses we get. We noticed our clients are more comfortable using our services as they see us advertising in such a reputable publication. It also helped our clinic website become more visible in the local community. Our sales representative is very helpful. She keeps in contact with us regularly and posts advertisement follow ups. She does her best to give us the best deal available. We are very happy with our services from the Tribune.” Dr. Hussam Almasri, Owner - Advanced Vein Specialists
“The digital display ads being done online are working great. Good work there; keep it up as these are the best results we have had with digital display ads.” Brian Kinnane, Marketing Manager - TimberBuilt Rooms
“Throughout the years the Chicago Tribune has been excellent vehicle in helping us reach our desired market. We are now targeting the Hispanic Market with Hoy Newspaper and are pleased with the results!” Adam Silverstein, General Manager - Cardinal Warehouse Wine & Liquors
“Over the years, we have advertised our rug business in the Chicago Tribune and it has produced favorable results for us, in fact we cannot advertise every week because we wouldn’t be able to keep up with the new client orders!” George Apelian, Owner - Apelian Rugs
“Chicago Tribune Media Group is an integral part of our annual advertising and promotional strategy because of their breadth of media outlets and advanced segmentation metrics, both in print and online. Our rep is great to work with, always keeps us up to date on their latest offerings, and can be reached at any time.” Moira Harat, Marketing Manager - Baird & Warner
“TribLocal notes have been among our top performing marketing strategies in targeting new customers within the communities that we serve.” John Morocco, Director of Marketing - CD One Price Cleaners
“RedEye has helped us generate strong sales during the Halloween season. We have a strong redemption rate for the coupons placed in our ads.” George Garcia, Owner - Fantasy Costumes
“It’s interesting how we have seen a spike the day of a RedEye ad, but especially the day after the ad comes out. I was thinking maybe this is because people grab the RedEye and read it on their way home, see the ad and then come in the next day. But either way, there seems to be results.” Jamie Revell, Director of Marketing - Women's Workout & Fitness
“We have been advertising with the Tribune for many years and still have great results. Our sales rep keeps us informed with the products and specials that help us reach our current and new customers.” Andy LaMantia, Owner - LaMantia Builders
“I have worked with Chicago Tribune Media Group and found the reps to be informed, helpful and professional. I have always had a great experience with Chicago Tribune Media Group.” Kathy O'Neill, Public Relations Manager - Irish American Heritage Center
“I started advertising with the Tribune a few years ago in the Good Eating section and TribLocal and have seen great results during all the major holidays. My rep keeps me informed of new products and sections that will benefit my hometown grocery store. The creative department does a great job designing the ads.” Dick Devries Jr, Owner - Devries Grocery and Market
“We receive great responses through advertising with the Tribune - have been doing so for many years in the zoned sections. We get very busy, but our rep keeps us organized with our advertising and she always reminds us of products and deadlines. The creative department also does a great job at designing our ads.” Heather Fulscher, Owner - La Grange Camera
“Miska’s Liquors has been a loyal Chicago Tribune advertiser the past forty years because of its ability to reach the greatest number of Chicagoland consumers. It also gives us credibility by being part of one of the country’s most reputable media outlets. We are pleased to continue our association.” Mitchell Sklare, President - Miska's Liquors
“Chicago Tribune Media Group: outstanding, energetic and professional. It’s always a pleasure to work with them. Their help has been a great asset to OAK Orthopedics.” Mark Sutton, Director of Practice Development - OAK Orthopedics
“We love our Tribune Ad inserts. When every customer comes in the store with the ad in their hands, the store hums with business. It’s a complete success and a great tool for growth.” Desiree Woerner, Owner - Creative Toy Mart
“Briosa Boutique has been advertising with the Chicago Tribune since we first opened our doors. We are very pleased with the response we have achieved. Our Sales Rep is always there to answer questions and help guide us to the best advertising and budget option for us. Thanks, Chicago Tribune!” Gloria, Debbie, and Rae , Owners - Briosa Boutique
“In any advertising campaign attention to detail is important. With our Christmas flyers in need of distribution, I chose the Chicago Tribune because of my account representative. She is like a concierge, addressing all of our needs. We put all the details of our time sensitive material in her hands and it went off with great success!” Tony D'Ortenzio, Owner - Distinctive Gold Jewelry
“I’ve been using the Tribune to promote my store for the last several years. In the past I mostly ran print advertising in the local editions of the Tribune. Recently, I utilized Tribune’s 435 team for the development of my new website. CLOSEREAD MORE Steve V., Owner - Window & Door Superstore
“We have seen a great response from our billboards, and feel that they are working. The locations that were available to us were perfect for our needs, and we have decided to renew our contract.” Amanda Garretto, Marketing Manager - Beggar's Pizza
“I scheduled an E-mail with my rep to target our top markets for a winter promotion. We sent out 150,000 targeted E-mails and within 4 days we had over 85 room reservations.” Marc Anderson, Marketing Director - Peninsula Hotel
“We sent out an Insert in the Tribune to their subscribers, and our return rate was about 7%. We were very pleased with the return and the service that we received.” David Falato, Owner - Jet's Pizza, Ashland Ave.
“Our digital billboards have helped to showcase our products and services while keeping our store top of mind with hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans on a weekly basis.” Billy Abt - Abt
“We are extremely happy with the results of our Chicago Tribune Media Group marketing campaigns. Whether our annual raffle event, saying ‘Thank you’ to our volunteers and shoppers, or sales promotions throughout the year, Chicago Tribune Media Group provides the vehicles to effectively get our marketing message to our audience in our market areas. The Tribune designs quality advertisements with our objectives in mind. Coupled with my sales representative’s expertise in marketing and customer service, I cannot imagine a campaign without the Tribune!” Joyce Athey, Store Director - Neat Repeats Resale
“Rusco Windows & Doors has been a long time partner with the Chicago Tribune. Using a combination of the Tribune’s many products brings us quality leads time and time again. Rusco Windows & Doors and the Chicago Tribune make a great team.” Tom DiFiglio, Owner - Rusco Windows & Doors
“Cosmetic Smiles Dentistry and the Chicago Tribune have enjoyed a long time partnership over the years. Advertising in the Tribune has helped spread the word about the state-of-the-art services that our practice provides. They bring new clients to our practice on a consistent basis.” Dr. Ron Schefdore, D.M.D., Owner - Cosmetic Smiles and General Dentistry
“As Vice President of Marketing for Smith Family Construction, my experience with the Chicago Tribune has been nothing short of exceptional. Our rep is courteous, knowledgeable, and always available for any and all of our advertising needs. They have helped us reach our target market and increase sales. Thank You, Chicago Tribune.” Jamie Smith, V.P. of Marketing - Smith Family Construction
“My experience working with Chicago Tribune Media Group has been a largely positive one. We’re a small business with a limited advertising budget, but our Tribune rep did a wonderful job maximizing our reach. We have experienced nearly double the business since we began working together and I expect that partnership to continue in the future.” Neil O'Callaghan, Producer - Thirsty Comedy
“The Tribune continues to offer innovative and affordable advertising products which get great results. Further, the staff at Tribune are exceptionally professional and strive to provide exceptional customer service.” Brenda Sorensen, Marketing Coordinator - Gurnee Park District
“I wanted to make Chicago Tribune Media Group aware that Bruno Enterprises is thankful and encouraged by the great marketing and print advertising work you have done for us. The ability to target specific markets with a cost-effective single sheet like your EZ Target has increased sales and informed our customers of our constant changing of featured Arby’s food items in a timely fashion. Your continued help in creating and revising our creative has also added to the value we place in our continued relationship with you. Thanks again for providing needed marketing assistance.” Leslie Dean, Marketing Manager - Bruno Enterprises
“I wanted to make your organization aware that we appreciate the great marketing and advertising you’ve done for Fresh County Market. Chicago Tribune/Local Values has proven to be a reliable delivery system of our weekly grocery circular and this is the key to the marketing/sales plans of Fresh County Market. In addition, the ability to target specific markets has helped to increase our sales around specific holidays, and our annual anniversary sales. We hope to continue to grow with Chicago Tribune Media Group when we add our new location in March. Thank you!” Mark Musleh, Owner/President - Fresh County Market
“Over the years, Chicago Tribune has always played an important part in DeSitter Flooring’s overall marketing/advertising strategy. Between our own monthly print and inserts in the Sunday Tribune, or our local full-page displays in TribLocal, we believe the consistent strategy has paid off for us. We’re proud to have the Chicago Tribune as one of our marketing partners.” Tom Cunninham and Steve DeSitter, Co-Owners - DeSitter Flooring, Inc
“Chicago Tribune Media Group is my go-to outlet for our high priority events and campaigns. Tribune continually provides the results we need and most often exceeds our expectations.” Melissa Thomfohrda, Director of Marketing - Raue Center for the Arts
“The Chicago Symphony Orchestra considers Chicago Tribune Media Group a great partner and collaborator. Our colleagues at Chicago Tribune Media Group are great to work with and they have helped us to develop new creative solutions that help us constantly improve and see better returns on our investment. Our collaborations continue to be successful and showcase our great partnership.” Liz Madeja, Director of Marketing - Chicago Symphony Orchestra
“Cars.com is one of the largest online players in the auto industry and the best place to reach the car-buying audience and drive traffic to our store. We couldn't be happier with the customer service and results we receive from the Trib.” Don Davis, General Manager - Valley Honda
“The Tribune and Chicago Tribune Media Group are excellent partners for Goodman Theatre. In addition to providing some of the most impactful advertising mediums in Chicagoland, they have become a valuable media sponsor, providing additional support for the work we do on our stages.” Jay Corsi, Director of Advertising & Sales - Goodman Theatre
“We continue to advertise in Hoy because it is a key publication to reach the Hispanic market effectively.” Margarita Garcia, Owner - Hernandez & Garcia

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