Oh, were you tired of focusing on Millennials? Maybe we can we interest you in GenZ.

Yes, here it comes, the flurry of analysis on how this young generation will influence retail, education, technology and basically everything. But we’re here to focus on travel right now.

The Expedia Group Media Solutions has recently released the results of a survey comparing GenZ and Millennial travel habits and attitudes. Long story short, they are more the same than different but looking at some data points sheds some light about how businesses can set themselves up for success in marketing to this demo.

They are mostly staying domestic

The survey polled GenZ members in 11 countries and found that 59% of them plan to travel domestically. Considering that the activities they plan to participate in are the driving force of travel decision making (indexing way above the cost), CVBs and attractions need to ensure they are working together to feature content that speaks directly to these travelers. This is especially important in reaching those that have not made a decision on the destination when the travel bug bites. Photos and videos need to look polished but also authentic and inspiring.

Social media has a tremendous influence

You might be thinking, “Well, duh!”, but have you figured out how your brand can influence those decisions through social? 84% of GenZ (compared to 77% of Millennials) report Social Media as having an influence on travel decisions. The largest factors being deals and promotions as well as pictures or videos posted by friends or experts. Interestingly, reviews are no longer carrying the weight they used to with 28% of GenZ reporting them as a factor in their decisions.

GenZ Wants to Work and Play On the Same Trip

GenZ is entering the workforce and they value their leisure time. They are more likely than any other generation to try and fit leisure travel activities in a work trip. This is an incredible opportunity for attractions and events. Think about it – their hotel, airfare and food are paid for giving them some disposable funds to do something they enjoy. But most importantly, this research points out that 80% are only spending 1-5 hours doing research when deciding whether to turn a work trip into a “bleisure” trip. Decisions are made fast.

What are the questions you need to ask yourself?

As you begin (or continue) to develop your strategy around reaching people in this life stage (i.e. – just entering workforce, have-budget-will-travel), what key questions should you be answering in your marketing plans?

  1. Does your content strategy fit the needs and tastes of this demographic? Are you confident you know what those needs and tastes are?
  2. Is your search marketing strategy identifying those that are traveling for business? Is your marketing tech team or digital agency versed enough in targeting business travelers in this age group?
  3. Are your promotions tailored to meet the unique needs of GenZ?

Think carefully about your KPIs and consider how these queries can develop an ongoing strategy to reach this demo.

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