When it comes to managing their households, Hispanic mothers try to balance both Hispanic and American cultures and their families’ needs and dreams with their own.  Understanding these underlying factors can help companies, marketers and advertisers connect with this sizeable population of U.S. consumers.

According to the 2018 Mintel Group study “Marketing to Hispanic Moms,” these women are passionate about their families are willing to try a new brand when recommended by friends and others. And they find those recommendations on social media to the following extent:

  • Sixty-three percent get recommendations online;
  • Fifty-two percent connect with other moms on social media platforms;
  • Forty-five percent find parenting advice online.

As importantly, here’s what annoys Hispanic moms when searching for products and services online:

  • Ads that pop up on streaming music videos;
  • Online video ads in general; and
  • Ads that appear on social media networks.

Since 54 percent of all Hispanics are bilingual, messages in both English and Spanish are probably a good idea when reaching this audience. Although Hispanics moms will choose the content they consume online based on relevance rather than language, their Hispanic heritage is important to them and they work hard to instill Hispanic traditions and values in their children.

With one in four new babies born each year to Hispanic women and some 8 million Hispanic mothers with children at home—larger than other U.S. households—Hispanic moms represent a significant market for those who take the time to understand them and the ways in which they seek products, services and advice when online.